Thursday, June 8, 2017

Federal Court Rules Against Discrimination by Tippecanoe County Officials

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

WLFI Christmas Party Raises Eyebrows With "Creepy Satantic Images and Sexual Innuendos"

It's been nearly two months since WLFI-TV 18 held its annual Christmas party and some of its guests are still talking about the surreal experience, citing the fact that public trust in the media is at an all time low.

"It was so distasteful that one of the station managers issued a disclaimer at the beginning and said that it was for entertainment purposes only," said one female guest who asked that her name be withheld for fear of reprisal against her friend who is a WLFI employee.  "He said it was an all-time low this year prior to showing it."

A male TV-18 employee agreed that it was in poor taste and that the video did contain "sick humor," but that he had seen "much worse" in the past.  "This video was mild compared to the one they showed last year," he said.

"I don't see how it could get any worse that that," commented the female guest, who describes herself as a "progressive woman."  "There was so such perverse humor displayed that my whole table was shocked into silence."

According to the guest, there were several Satanic images, including pentagrams and images of Satan along with inappropriate sexual references that could easily be construed as sexual harassment.

According to reports, a videographer recorded random WLFI employees answering questions they were asked during a previously recorded "interview."  The video was later edited with new questions dubbed over the original ones, making the employees  appear to be saying something entirely different than they thought they were answering.

"The video made me realize how slanted out media could be here in Lafayette, how political agendas could easily be made from amateur journalists," commented the female party guest.  "As a woman I was very uncomfortable with the crude sexual humor referring to male employees as gay and female employees as lesbians without their knowledge, or without it being true."

The female guest said there was one scene that accused older ladies in the offices of having crushes on younger men.

"In an age where we are supposed to discourage this type of behavior in the workplace, I was shocked that the management allowed this to be shown in a room full of guests," commented the attendee.  "Most people were completely shocked and dumb-founded."

The attendee also described images of drug use, suggesting that unwitting employees were Meth users.

"As a viewer of the TV 18 Christmas video, I was in one word, shocked," stated the guest.  "Not only was its content offensive and outlandish, it made me realize how many of the journalists there were outlandishly unprofessional.  It was clear journalism was in no form or fashion being taken seriously as they warped stories," she continued.

The LCJ reached out to TV-18, but was refused a comment.  WLFI-TV 18 was acquired by Heartland Media, LLC.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Local Woman Reflects on Her "Women's March" Experience: Not All Women Welcomed

The following article was submitted by Anna Allgaier, Regional Coordinator, Students for Life of America

Anna Allgaier
Anna was raised in Lafayette, IN and graduated in 2015 from Purdue University with a B.S. in Social Work and a B.A. in English. After watching the fight from the sidelines for many years, Anna put her pro-life beliefs into practice during her time in college. She was involved in Purdue Students for Life for four years, and served as Chapter president her senior year. While serving as President, Anna doubled Purdue’s on-campus events, pioneered Purdue Students for Life’s first student banquet, started a Pregnant-on-Campus campaign and led the club in changing hearts and saving lives at Purdue.

Since graduation Anna has worked in Marketing and Outreach at a local crisis pregnancy center. She is very passionate about the Pro-Life movement and is excited to work to empower her generation to become strong advocates for life and leaders among us. By working together, a culture of life can be spread and abortion will be abolished in her lifetime!

If you are interested in joining the fight and learning more about how to set up a club at your school, please contact Anna at:

When I heard about the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. back in November, I knew I wanted to go to be a voice for women betrayed by the abortion industry, for the most innocent and vulnerable preborn babies killed every day, and for the marginalized in our society that are overlooked because they have a disability.

Pro-Lifers Not Welcome

Originally the Women’s March never said a word about abortion on their website or Facebook page but instead promoted worthy goals of protecting women and families and defending those who couldn’t defend themselves, all in the spirit of unity, love and compassion – none of which I disagreed with!

Pro-life women were harassed
But then Planned Parenthood got their hooks into the march as it started growing in interest. Their sponsorship led to a total overhaul of the principles, changing the event website to proclaim support for “reproductive rights” (aka abortion rights) and explicitly stating that they support abortion, the pro-choice agenda, and that there was no room for pro-life groups – kicking out pro-life groups they had originally accepted.

Even so, I was always going to attend. Who else would lend a voice to the pro-life position, to a position that many women – including Millennials – believe is morally wrong. I needed to be there to speak the truth, to be a witness to the travesty of abortion and the destruction the abortion industry causes to preborn babies, their mothers, and countless families.

So I went.

Once in D.C, I met up with my female coworkers from the National Organization, Students for Life of America.
Into the March
It was wall-to-wall people everywhere and very difficult to get where we wanted to be. But as we carried our signs through the throngs of people, many jeered at us and yelled “my body, my choice” but some thanked us for being there.
I believe there were many more pro-life women in the crowd than anyone would let on – but why would they want to expose themselves to a hostile group of women who were anything but inclusive?
Since we had trouble getting anywhere, our team tried to reassemble along the march route to set up our banners. We wanted to be heard in this March of women who claimed love and sisterhood for everyone except anti-abortion women.
Along the side of the Women’s March (that we were excluded from), we held our signs that read “Abortion Betrays Women” and “We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood”
Harassed and Spit Upon
As the March approached us, many marchers started screaming at us. Two girls were vocal about wanting to fight us. One person stood in front of us holding up her middle finger.
We said nothing. This was the welcome we were shown.
Vulgarities were on full display
One of our banners was stolen by marchers so we moved the other two to the curb on the side of the march and hoisted one up on cardboard poles. The rest of our team held smaller “Abortion Betrays Women”.
Volunteer marshals from the march had to form a barrier between the marchers and our banner because we were being harassed. At one point, one of the angry marchers broke through the marshals and started yelling in my face. She yelled “You’re Not Welcome Here!” and told me that I needed to “GO Home!”. I calmly explained to her the irony in her statements, reminding her that this March started as a platform for women to unite and for their voices to be heard. Apparently, she did not appreciate my explanation, because after that she spit in my face.
It was brutal and disheartening but we stayed. We were able to have a few civil conversations with some participants of the March.
So what did I accomplish?
I went to be witnesses for women hurt by abortion and for the babies torn apart and callously discarded by the abortion industry. I went to show that there are anti-abortion women who don’t buy into the lies of Planned Parenthood, that you can be pro-life and pro-woman.
We were encouraged by some marchers while verbally attacked by others – many of whom were men.
But we were successful in showing that the women’s march was really a pro-abortion march, a demonstration dead set against including women with any other opinions about abortion. The Women’s March wasn’t a march for women: it was a march only for select women who held a pro-abortion point of view.
Women – all women – deserve better than that.
Final Thoughts
I think all I want to say is that if the women’s march was about modern feminism, then I want no part of it. The Washington march was nothing for women to be proud of. It was the nastiest, most vulgar, hateful display of "resistance" that I have ever seen. I was shoved, spit on, and told that I "wasn't welcome" as a woman standing up for the dignity of human life inside and outside of the womb. This demonstration was overwhelmingly sad and quite frankly embarrassing for American Women. The message on the Women's March website ended with a battle cry: HEAR OUR VOICE. It's hard for a women's voice to be heard when it's being stifled by fellow women. Participants marched under the banners of "unity" "tolerance" "love" and "kindness" while simultaneously stifling our voices through crudeness, hate, and exclusion. The irony and hypocrisy flowing through this march was striking. Pro-Life women were not welcome at the Women's March- but we went anyway. We chanted anyway. We publicly rejected abortion anyway, and we stood up for equal human rights anyway.

Friday, January 13, 2017

WLFI News Ethics Called Into Question As Reporter's Personal Friendships With Sheriff's Political Opponents Exposed

WLFI Reporter Kayla Sullivan
Is there a politically-orchestrated witch hunt being waged against Tippecanoe County Sheriff Barry Richard for the advantage of a political opponent?  Are biased "news-tipsters" colluding with Kayla Sullivan, a news reporter at WLFI News, to do their dirty work?  It sure looks suspicious to some LCJ readers.

Our Citizen Journal panel thought the questions were fair, especially after learning that several of Richard's political opponents are listed as Facebook friends with the WLFI reporter responsible for many of the negative stories about Richard. 

One of Sullivan's Facebook "friends" is none other than Jason Dombkowski, the WLPD Chief who recently announced his intention to run against Richard for Sheriff.  He is friendly enough with Sullivan that he initiated the "like" Facebook feature for some of her glam-selfie shots. 

Could his approval of her photograph be an attempt to gain favor?  Could it influence Sullivan as she writes negative stories about a political opponent of a "friend?"   Does Dombkowski have unfair access to the news reporter that Richard doesn't have?  How can a reporter maintain objectivity when these perceived unethical appearances certainly don't pass the smell test for journalistic ethics?  "Avoid conflicts of interests, real or perceived," warns the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics Society. 

The appearance of conflict has been suggested by supporters of Sheriff Richard.   It appears they have a valid point.   The timing of these politically-manufactured "scandals" is also suspicious as the stories started coming fast and furious shortly after Dombkowski announced his intention to run for sheriff.

LtoR: Tracy Brown, Jason Huber, Jason Dombkowski
Dombkowski isn't the only Richard detractor to show up on Sullivan's Facebook page.
Another notable "Friend of Kayla" is Jason Huber, TCPD deputy and friend of former sheriff Dave Heath.  Heath and Richard squared off in a contentious political battle two years ago.  Heath angrily resigned as Republican Party Chairman soon after taking the hard loss. 

On Monday, January 13, Huber posted a link to this Journal and Courier commentary about Richard to his Facebook page, which gained a quick and positive response from Chief Dombkowski.   "I am very much looking forward to the competitive election process for the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's election," commented Dombkowski.

There are many other public officials from the Who's Who of Republican Office Holders listed as Facebook friends of Kayla Sullivan.  Some of those "friends" spoke out against Sheriff Richard during the election and even went so far as to support a third-party candidate after Heath lost the bitter primary campaign.

Richard earned the votes of many Blue Dog Democrats as well as conservative Republicans.  His political opponents didn't take the loss well and are apparently working behind-the-scenes in an attempt to oust Richard from the powerful Sheriff's position, although it's falling as flat as it did for Donald Trump's political enemies when they used similar tactics against him.  In fact, some of Richard's supporters believe these tactics by smear merchants will backfire the same way it did in the recent presidential election.

"Maybe Barry should get his own Twitter account," suggested one supporter.  "He could do what Donald does and take his message directly to the people."

There have been other negative stories written about Richard since he took office, and it seems obvious to many that someone has been leaking "manufactured information" to a willing news reporter. 

One story, obviously intended to hurt Richard, blew up in the faces of those who sought to smear him.  The public overwhelmingly supported the sheriff for wanting to encourage an inmate toward positive rehabilitation.

Richard's political enemies were going to have to come up with something more if they wanted to take out the popular George Award winner.  Their earlier attempt at disparaging him over the fact that he innovatively saved the life of a school teacher by seeking out a drone from a neighboring county prosecutor's office only cemented Barry's support. 

Prosecutor Pat Harrington Should Address His Own Scandal Say Critics

Another story was soon leaked to Sullivan since the earlier one fell flat.  The latest "scandal" was about a broken finger print machine.   Pat Harrington, Tippecanoe County prosecutor, was quick to criticize the sheriff even though Richard's hands were temporarily tied because the state would not accept ink prints taken the old-fashioned way, a fact that Sullivan conveniently omitted from her original story.

Pat Harrington
As an aside, Harrington's critics say that he should address his own scandals involving the violation of state laws concerning the misappropriation of civil forfeiture funds before pointing fingers at Richard, who has not broken any laws.

Harrington has been called out repeatedly for these violations, leaving Tippecanoe County citizens vulnerable to the types of lawsuits that was filed and still pending against Marion County.  Harrington has been sharply criticized by Indianapolis blogger and former attorney, Paul Ogden, for what he believes are illegal practices when it comes to Indiana Civil Forfeiture laws. 

[Attorneys from the Institute for Justice pursue these types of cases on behalf of citizens who are harmed by the illegal actions of prosecutors.

"This troubling situation has been years in the making.  Decades ago, the Indiana General Assembly passed a law allowing police and prosecutors to deduct 'law enforcement costs' from forfeiture proceeds, stated an IJ spokesperson via its blog.

 "The law requires them to deliver only surplus money to the school fund.[4] That in itself violates the Indiana Constitution, which commands that 'all forfeitures' go to the school fund. 'All forfeitures' does not mean 'some' forfeitures, and in the case of Indianapolis, it certainly does not mean 'no' forfeitures.  But given a yard, Indianapolis’s police and prosecutors have taken a mile. Even though the Civil Forfeiture Statute permits them to deduct only actual costs related to a specific forfeiture case, law enforcement in Indianapolis pockets every penny, of every forfeiture, every time."  Stay tuned for further local details and news on this subject.]

Because of these types of conflicts of interests, the Lafayette Citizen Journal will become more active in the coming months, because we agree with former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, that "sunlight is the best disinfectant."

Coming Soon:  WLFI Christmas Party Raises Eyebrows