Saturday, February 11, 2017

WLFI Christmas Party Raises Eyebrows With "Creepy Satantic Images and Sexual Innuendos"

It's been nearly two months since WLFI-TV 18 held its annual Christmas party and some of its guests are still talking about the surreal experience, citing the fact that public trust in the media is at an all time low.

"It was so distasteful that one of the station managers issued a disclaimer at the beginning and said that it was for entertainment purposes only," said one female guest who asked that her name be withheld for fear of reprisal against her friend who is a WLFI employee.  "He said it was an all-time low this year prior to showing it."

A male TV-18 employee agreed that it was in poor taste and that the video did contain "sick humor," but that he had seen "much worse" in the past.  "This video was mild compared to the one they showed last year," he said.

"I don't see how it could get any worse that that," commented the female guest, who describes herself as a "progressive woman."  "There was so such perverse humor displayed that my whole table was shocked into silence."

According to the guest, there were several Satanic images, including pentagrams and images of Satan along with inappropriate sexual references that could easily be construed as sexual harassment.

According to reports, a videographer recorded random WLFI employees answering questions they were asked during a previously recorded "interview."  The video was later edited with new questions dubbed over the original ones, making the employees  appear to be saying something entirely different than they thought they were answering.

"The video made me realize how slanted out media could be here in Lafayette, how political agendas could easily be made from amateur journalists," commented the female party guest.  "As a woman I was very uncomfortable with the crude sexual humor referring to male employees as gay and female employees as lesbians without their knowledge, or without it being true."

The female guest said there was one scene that accused older ladies in the offices of having crushes on younger men.

"In an age where we are supposed to discourage this type of behavior in the workplace, I was shocked that the management allowed this to be shown in a room full of guests," commented the attendee.  "Most people were completely shocked and dumb-founded."

The attendee also described images of drug use, suggesting that unwitting employees were Meth users.

"As a viewer of the TV 18 Christmas video, I was in one word, shocked," stated the guest.  "Not only was its content offensive and outlandish, it made me realize how many of the journalists there were outlandishly unprofessional.  It was clear journalism was in no form or fashion being taken seriously as they warped stories," she continued.

The LCJ reached out to TV-18, but was refused a comment.  WLFI-TV 18 was acquired by Heartland Media, LLC.