Friday, November 25, 2016

Mayor Roswarski Right to Stand Up Against Needle Exchange Program

Mayor Roswarski
Mayor Tony Roswarski was right to challenge the proposed ill-conceived needle exchange program and we commend him for it. Tippecanoe County citizens are weary of the violent crime sprees infecting their community, and this will only serve to add to those woes.

Placing an exchange program near parks and schools is intolerable, not to mention the huge liability risk associated with handing out needles to drug users. Who will pay the potential judgments when
the county is sued for providing the needles that assisted in probable deaths caused by overdoses? Taxpayers will likely be on the hook for it.

Prison reform should be implemented to address this issue. Locking up drug users for long periods of time exacerbates the problem and gives addicts a place to meet new addicts.

A better way to address the problem is to offer recovery help and real hope to desperate addicts. We applaud Mayor Roswarski for working with the faith-based community. Real strides have been made, and it was refreshing to see the Journal and Courier report on one such program.

We call on concerned citizens to make their voices heard. The safety of our children and grandchildren may depend on it.  Call the Commissioners today at (765) 423-9215.


  1. It seems like this program is a "first cousin" to the condom programs. Almost everyone sees the shortsightedness of Planned Parenthood standing at the doors of local schools holding bushel baskets of condoms to hand out to hormone driven teenagers. Similarly, with little or no warning against the horribly risky behaviors, our Tippecanoe County Commissioners are now setting out to freely distribute hypodermic drug use needles.
    Much like expecting a hormone enraged teenager to cautiously evaluate their risky behaviors, it's ridiculous to think a junkie is going to manage his life in such a way to always plan ahead and have a fresh government supplied needle on hand. We have lost our minds!!

  2. One word...AIDS. while I agree some thought needs to go into the surrounding neighborhoods of the needle exchange. The cost of an AIDS epidemic must be considered.

  3. I'm sorry but I can't find any evidence to support your claims. In fact, places with needle exchange programs have turned out to be reliably safer. I agree with prison reform, but in order to shrink our prisons, and hospital wards, and contain a potential outbreak, perhaps we should look to evidence, research, and the places where these programs have been implemented previously. I'm sure you believe what you're saying wholeheartedly, but have you done any research? Just Google it. Seriously. The safety of our children and grandchildren depend on facts and not simply wishful thinking.
    Thanks for caring, I'm sure you do. But please do some research. That's what separates journalists from people who are simply expressing opinions.

    Michael Oxenrider
    Concerned citizen

  4. First, of all, googling does not constitute "research." We both know that there is a lot of false information out there and anyone can distort facts. Secondly, this site is about people expressing opinions. Most people who contribute to this page are not "journalists," although that profession is about as credible as that of a used car salesman or member of Congress these days. I do appreciate the fact that you were a gentleman in your response. I'm willing to see how the needle exchange program works out, but I don't have to like drug users being given needles a few yards away from the school yard.