Monday, August 17, 2015

Prosecutor Harrington Ignores Crimes Committed by Lafayette Police Officers as Statute of Limitations Draws Near

Why is Harrington refusing to charge cops who made death threats?
It seems like no one in city or county government wants to take responsibility for the crimes committed against Tim VanderPlaats, the Lafayette citizen who was beaten up after LPD cops threatened to kill him, cut him up into little pieces, and throw him into the fireplace.

The city claims the officers acted outside their official duties, so they continue to carry a badge because there has been no prosecution to date. 

Tippecanoe County Prosecutor Pat Harrington had earlier appointed a special prosecutor from Howard County to look into the matter; however, since the wayward cops had not yet admitted to the criminal acts at that time, no charges were filed due to lack of evidence.

According to inside sources, attorneys for VanderPlaats recently approached Indiana State Police officials about bringing charges against the officers since admissions have since been made.

Officials have reportedly stated that Harrington has no plans to bring charges and that he is the only one who can proceed with a criminal case.   They also reportedly stated that Harrington can ask the special prosecutor to take a look at the additional evidence that police officers admitted to making the death threats.

Time is running out for charges to be filed since the statute of limitations will expire in about four months.

"This is just our system protecting their own," stated the insider.  "[Harrington] is not doing his job.  He's a prideful cop protector."

So what does a citizen do when the local justice system is blind, biased, and corrupt?

With two sets of standards in this community, are those without badges and power really safe?  It certainly doesn't feel like it. 

What is different about the young man who was sent to prison for making death threats against elected officials compared to the graphic death threats made against a private citizen?

Citizens may want to ask Pat Harrington that question.  He can be reached at 423-9305.

In the meantime, it's time for citizens to start looking for a new prosecutor in time for the next election.  We must not forget this dereliction of duty and make it a political rallying cry at the next election.  Our safety may depend upon it!


  1. I do not know how Mr. Harrington can sleep at night. He has a chance to restore some faith in our local judicial system by prosecuting these officers for the crime they have ADMITTED to! Shame on you, Mr. Harrington, shame on you.

    1. Oh Pat can sleep at night because he's on the side of the Blue. That's the whole problem...he doesn't want to loose his "protection".

  2. This Pat Harrington is something else. Try to get him to consider not prosecuting a speeding ticket and you'll get laughed out of the courthouse.. BUT, when it comes to protecting the "Thin Blue Line" this Harrington is all about "caution". It's no wonder our police force is running wild. Cops run both cities, and the county. And Harrington is bound and determined to let them really RUN things....If you feel safe in this county it's likely you've never been involved with the misnamed "justice" system.

  3. Hey LCJ wake up!!! Both mayors are cops and now Tracy Brown former TipCo Sheriff is "overseeing" the prosecutor as a county commissioner. I think you should publish all their numbers. This problem has roots on every floor of the courthouse.

  4. Hey LCJ wake up!!! Both mayors are cops and now Tracy Brown former TipCo Sheriff is "overseeing" the prosecutor as a county commissioner. I think you should publish all their numbers. This problem has roots on every floor of the courthouse.

  5. So it does. The public defender works in their office.

  6. When the officers threaten someone, really threaten, send a voicemail or a text directly to the person threatening to kill and dismember and are not prosecuted, and then a man who makes a sarcastic facebook post that he does not send to his alleged victims, he goes to jail and his face is all over the news. He is charged with a federal offense and not allowed to bring up the discrepancy of the officers and question their integrity and honesty in court, even though they are the only witnesses against him. What did they witness? A facebook post. While he was not found guilty of making a threat, he was found guilty of maliciously making a false statement of an alleged attempt or attempt to cause damage and injury. So, if he was not found guilty of a threat, how the heck did he lie about a threat. I am confused. Citizen gets federal and state charges, officers gets a paid vacation.

  7. The mayor has lost the confidence of the members of the police force, fire fighters and city employees. It's time to restore our goverment, so it may serve it's citizens instead of its leaders serving themselves.