Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tippecanoe County Lawyers Manuever Behind Scenes to Thwart Candidacy of Les Meade as Multiple Disciplinary Complaints Allegedly Pending

Meade is not well-liked at the courthouse.
Judge Les Meade didn't have long to celebrate his primary win for Tippecanoe County Circuit Court Judge.  Post election maneuvering by a large group of local attorneys resulted in a bold general election political challenge by current and outgoing Superior Court Judge Tom Busch who was originally slated to retire at the end of the year.  At the urging of many Republican and Democrat attorneys, Busch decided to toss his hat into the ring and put off retirement a bit longer. 

Originally appointed by former Governor Frank O'Bannon, Busch went on to earn a stellar reputation as Superior Court Judge and was handily elected to two subsequent terms by Democrats and Republicans who found him to be fair, polite, honest, and most importantly, non-partisan. 

Readers can find the sanitized version about Busch's last minute change of plans at this link.

The real reasons for Busch's challenge against Meade have not been publicly stated, due in part, to the fact that conduct rules for attorneys prohibit them from speaking out against judges  -- even very controversial ones like Les Meade.

The political grapevine has been ripe with chatter, though, since Busch made his stunning announcement.  Interestingly, many behind-the-scenes comments have been very candid.

Meade has been described by local attorneys as "arrogant" and a "bully" and also someone who is "very difficult to get a long with."  Meade has also allegedly threatened lawyers and police officers with whom he has disagreed with jail time.

A common complaint has been that Meade reportedly makes disparaging comments about other judges and lawyers while on the record and in front of clients.  Attorneys have reported that several disciplinary complaints have been filed against Meade for this type of alleged misconduct, and some of those complaints are presently pending with the Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission.

Meade was involved in a controversy involving a disabled war veteran who had lost a leg and suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome as a result of horrific combat he experienced in which some of his friends were killed.

Prosecutors had worked out a plea agreement with the disabled veteran after he shot his firearm in the air during a dispute.  Meade rejected the plea and went so far as to send an email to the attorney indicating the veteran's decision to exercise his constitutional right to trial reflected upon his character and lack of remorse.

Meade showed no mercy toward the veteran and went so far as to tell the young man that he was the only judge in Tippecanoe County who was not sympathetic at the loss of a limb.  Onlookers were stunned by Meade's calloused remarks as well as the audacity to compare himself to a war veteran-amputee.

The defendant-veteran chose to pursue a jury trial and was acquitted of the felony charges against him despite Meade's best efforts to prosecute him from the bench.

It wasn't the first time Meade attempted to punish a defendant for exercising constitutional rights.

Another defendant who chose to exercise his right to a jury trial for a first-time misdemeanor offense was chastised by Meade after a jury found him guilty.  Again, Meade rejected the prosecutor's recommendation that the defendant be sentenced to three months of unsupervised probation since it was a first-time, minor offense. 

Meade sentenced the man to six months in jail after giving him a verbal lashing for "wasting his valuable court time with a jury trial" and for "failing to testify on his behalf" during the trial.  Onlookers were stunned that Meade would punish a citizen for exercising fundamental, constitutional rights.

A formal complaint was sent to the Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission afterwards and Meade was forced to withdraw his harsh sentence. 

"It doesn't appear that the experience has taught him anything about constitutional rights of American citizens," commented one local attorney when asked about the case.

Local attorneys are also concerned about Meade's lack of qualifications citing the fact that Circuit Court is a high profile court involving murder cases.

"Les Meade hasn't handled a single murder case as a lawyer or a judge," commented a local attorney.  "He hasn't had the proper training, nor does he have an ounce of experience for that type of case."

If these complaints make it to the ears of voters, Meade may have a difficult time on election night in November.


  1. The caption under Les Meade's picture, "Meade is not well-liked at the courthouse" is the understatement of the year!

  2. Agreed, Meade is a bully. He also has the slowest court (as far as cases go) then any other court. He doesn't want to do Jury trials, because that would keep him from wandering around worrying about what all other judges and department heads are doing. He holds grudges for years to anyone that speaks up and or any of the people who helped him after his "accident".

  3. Words to describe Judge Tom Busch, honorable, compassionate, fair, humble, modest, intelligent and the list goes on on and. He is a Judge that knows how to hold defendants accountable for their actions without letting his personal feelings interfere with an appropriate sentence. In civil cases he ways all sides equally to arrive at a just verdict.

    In other words he is the direct opposite of his opponent. If the voters of Tippecanoe County want a fair and just Circuit Court they could not do better than Judge Busch. If they want a Court run by an ego driven, self centered Judge that likes to bully to get his way and when he doesn't, pouts and takes it out on those around him then vote for Les Meade.

  4. oh.. I am best not even commenting on this one. But for the love of God, know that I want to!!!!

  5. The words in this story to describe Judge Busch are exactly that, just words. Fluffy, descriptive words with not one example to substantiate the biased support. Judge Busch has been known to be very biased and lazy in his rulings in Family Court. Often seperating a child(ren) from one parent vs the other, without hearing evidence. I repeat, without hearing evidence and without any common sense reason. This is an atrocity to not be in support of shared parenting and to allow one parent to keep a child(ten) out the other parents life completely, all the while, contributing to child abuse and Parental Alienation. Look that term up, you are the journalist, know what you are talking about. This article is laughably and so obviously biased, one must wonder if it is out of laziness or pure bias. Either way, instead of using fluff words, do some research and you may find out that Judge Busch isn't as honorable as you would have readers believe. In fact, neither judge seems to deserve the job, based on their past rulings and destruction of child-parent bonds. I hope that you consider this, as people rely on these information sites to make an educated choice.

    1. I would LOVE to speak to the person who wrote this comment!!!
      I have had very similar experiences with Judge Busch and would LOVE to be in contact so that something can be done to combat the bias and apathy of the judge and his court.