Saturday, May 10, 2014

Man in Federal Custody After Issuing Death Threats to Boehner; What About the Lafayette Cops Who Did the Same to a Private Citizen?

There's a story in the news today that a man from New Castle, Indiana left voice mail death threats against Speaker of the House John Boehner and is now in federal custody.

How is that any different from what Lafayette cops did when they left death threat messages for Tim VanderPlaats?  We're quite certain that Tim considers his life to be as valuable as Boehner does his.
When will Williams be criminally charged?

Why is the man from New Castle facing charges and the Lafayette cops are not?  We're one step ahead of the legal process here in Lafayette, because there have already been admissions of guilt.  So why are the officers still wearing badges and why aren't they facing criminal charges?

These double standards aren't flying with the public.  It's being talked about in every coffee shop and break room in town.  The reputation of the LPD has been seriously damaged, because the cops were given a free pass.  Many people in our community are more fearful of the cops than they are of
the criminals.

If a private citizen left a death threat message for one of the officers do you suppose he or she would get such a free pass?

No one should be above the law, and we will continue to speak out until justice is fully served.

For those who are new to this blog, you can find the details of the original story at this link.


  1. Unfortunately the City and the Police Department have little choice at the moment since they decided to "circle the wagons" but to support the officers involved. If they would have dealt with this as soon as it happened then maybe Mr. VanderPlatts wouldn't have felt the need to seek justice in a Federal Court.

    Now, the City and the Police Department have NO choice but to support the officers involved because now to discipline and terminate their employment would be an admission of the guilt they tried to hide. All in all the Lafayette Police Department and the City's reputation has been tarnished and the tax payers are on the hook for the costs to defend the indefensible. Lafayette citizens should demand better of the the Police Department and especially of the Mayor and Police Chief.

  2. Civil court action won't bring about criminal justice. That's what needs to be pursued by the citizens of Lafayette; otherwise, we're all vulnerable to the blaring double-standards.

    1. Unfortunately that will never be the case, the time for criminal charges has long past and I doubt the County Prosecutor would pursue the charges since his job is political and he will not make enemies that may hurt his future chances of winning an election. The best I believe we can hope for is a punishing settlement to the City and the Police Department after which they will quietly terminate the officers in question employment. (at that point they are too big of a liability to keep around).

      The good news is since Dave Heath lost to Berry Richards they will not find employment at the Sheriff's Department. It may be the first time in his life that Officer Williams father, Major Williams of the Sheriff's Department will not be able to help him.