Wednesday, May 14, 2014

High Ranking LPD Officer Demoted & Suspended for Conduct Unbecoming to An Officer; Inside Sources Claim Quadraplegic Knocked From Wheelchair

J&C: Lt. Tom Davidson was suspended from the LPD.
The Journal & Courier is reporting that Lt. Tom Davidson of the Lafayette Police Department was disciplined by the Civil Service Commission today after determining that the detective engaged in conduct unbecoming of an officer last fall.

The members also voted 3-2 against a second allegation that Davidson used excessive force during an incident for which details were not disclosed to the public.

Inside sources, who asked not to be identified, say the discipline stems from an incident involving a wheelchair-bound quadraplegic who was reportedly knocked out of that wheelchair.  Sources claim that Davidson said the wheelchair ran over his toes and believed the man was coming toward him in an aggressive manner.  Three of the five Civil Service Commission members agreed that Davidson did not use excessive force during the incident; however, they were unanimous in their determination that his conduct was unbecoming of an officer.

Apparently there is an ongoing investigation into the matter, so it is unclear whether the discipline is complete.

Davidson has a good reputation in the community, and his friends say it is out-of-character for him to be involved in a disciplinary matter.  Giving him the benefit of the doubt would be easy were it not for the string of incidents involving Lafayette police officers, including death threats made against a private citizen by younger officers.   

It remains to be seen as to whether the City of Lafayette will be burdened with yet another civil suit.  The word on the street says there may be video of the incident in question.

Davidson is a 20-year veteran of the LPD, a police agency that continues to be plagued with unbecoming conduct.

Citizens will be watching closely as they become increasingly concerned for their safety when dealing with LPD officers. 

The LCJ will continue to investigate the details of this story as well as all the others.

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