Thursday, March 6, 2014

Purdue University Reverses Decision And Allows Plaque With God Reference After Public Outcry

Three cheers for Purdue University!  Administrators reversed their decision yesterday to exclude a reference to God on a donor's plaque after a public outcry erupted.  They have agreed to allow the reference to God to be placed on a plaque in honor of the donor's father, a former Purdue professor.

Thanks to the Journal and Courier for a fair job of covering the story

As a word of warning, though, before you link to the JC Online version, you'll find the same Internet trolls espousing their hatred toward anything Christian.  There are three trolls who incessantly attack Christian viewpoints and even Christians themselves on a near daily basis.

Peter Urcuioli
Ironically, one of the biggest offenders happens to be a Purdue Professor of Psychology, Peter Urcuioli.  After one reader lauded the university's reversal, he responded by calling the man a "moron."  This type of behavior from the Purdue professor is par for the course and a reason why many readers of JCOnline have discontinued offering comments.  They're tired of personal attacks and name-calling and also the fact that the staff at the Journal and Courier have continued to allow it.

A favorite target of attack by these trolls is Pastor Steve Viars, who has written several thoughtful and respectful Christian responses concerning various public issues, including the plaque controversy.  

It's tough being a lone voice in the wilderness, and many in the Christian community appreciate men like Viars who are willing to take the heat and speak up in favor of Judeo-Christian values.  Men like Urcuioli belittle, badger, and demean people of faith in an obvious attempt to silence them from expressing their viewpoints in the marketplace of ideas.

Purdue University should be embarrassed of Urcuioli's  continued childish behavior..  For a man in his position, one would think he'd take his professional credibility more seriously. 

While Urcuioli is certainly entitled to his opinion, he is also entitled to the reputation he has earned for his poor conduct on the JC Online comment section. 

Parents would be wise in asking that their hard-earned tuition money not be wasted on his classes where there is a greater opportunity to espouse intolerance and hatred toward Christianity.

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  1. Peter is the "King of the Trolls" and seems to have an opinion about everything, yet does nothing but flap his lips and belittles others. I'll just bet that this bitter excuse of a man is the one that had his shorts pulled down in gym class in high school and is simply lashing out hoping to regain his manhood.

    He must live in a perfect little world as everyone else is a "moron" except him!

    You can let him know how you feel by contacting him: or give him a call 765-494-6881. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you!